The Wellness of Children

Millions of our children are overweight, inactive and below minimum standards for strength, flexibility and endurance. All kinds of  life style diseases are increasing; more and more parents outlive their children. The need for children’s health clubs is apparent and the industry offers an abundance of opportunities to those who love children.

Our innovative and carefully structured programs and curriculum along with our incompetitive atmosphere allow kids and teens to discover what great things they can accomplish. The curriculum and programs are clearly structured and easy for the teacher to follow. We have been influenced by games and natural movement and wanted to combine trendy street styles – like parkour and street dance – with disciplines like gymnastics and martial arts. Gymi is all about functional training and natural movement. Following the concept makes us achieve concrete results, the concept works in an unbelievable way and makes us all winners!

Franchise or License

We have a franchising concept as well as a more compact license system for smaller businesses, kindergardens and schools. For more information about the license, please contact us at


We are looking for people with a heart burning for kids´and teens´ health and well-being. We want to find co-operative and eager Master Franchisees and Franchisees who want to deliver our message of fun natural movement to children and teens all around the globe and in all kinds of cultures! With our carefully structured concept something that might seem difficult is made easy. The training prepares you to perform on a high level, producing high-quality services for families. It is about making a difference and making a business. It’s back to basics!


For Franchisees: Is This Your Franchise Opportunity?

  • You are a positive and organised person who wants to achieve things in life.
  • You have an education in physical education, sports, pedagogy and/or business.
  • You love being with children and teenagers.
  • You have basic knowledge of business and entrepreneurship and have a dream of starting a business of your own.

What Do You Get From Your Franchise Chain?

  • We provide you with a thorough training which  gives you all the tools needed to successfully drive your business, including the programs.
  • We guarantee you exclusivity in your geographic area.
  • We take responsibility for the marketing material for the whole chain.
  • We provide you with a homepage and CRM-system and develop them as well as the whole concept constantly.

Purchasing a well-structured franchise allows you to greatly minimize the risks of starting a new business.

Gymi has built a system in which you are assisted in every facet of opening and operating a business, from construction to decoration, training and marketing.

What Do You Get as a Gymi Franchisee?

Finding a good location, name, taking care of trademarks, designing a logo, homepage, choosing the right technology or programs, financing, risk management, construction and decoration are examples of things that must be under control when starting a new health club business.

Also advertising and administration are things to have under control. Being alone with all these tasks in mind is a huge challenge. We want to make it easier for you by giving a whole concept into your use.   The tested products and services as well as the whole concept give you a head start into driving your business to the fullest.

By joining our innovative franchise chain you can have it all in an easier way.

Market research
We want you to succeed in your market. That is why we do a thorough market research.

We are there to help you in all calculations pre-opening and also post-opening. We also help you in doing the first budgets.

Construction and decoration
We know what is needed in a perfect health club for kids and teens. The amount of construction or renovation is dependant on the location. We have an exact plan for the gym and all the equipment. With our professional help you design your own gym, so that it will be safe and fun. We have contracts with equipment suppliers and as a member of our chain you get to have the special equipment as well as a special price.

We produce marketing material for your use. We also give you instructions how to successfully do the marketing in your location.

Training and IT-system
We provide you with a thorough training to all of our programs as well as our it-systems. The individually designed CRM-system makes your every day life as a Gymi Franchisee easier.

We want to develop and improve our operations continuously. We test our new products before training the franchisees to new programs.  We are there to help you in difficult situations. Gymi is a warmhearted family. We want to succeed together!

Are you interested in starting a Gymi?
Please contact us: