Programs & Classes

Our weekly programs and classes are divided into three different types:

  • Clubs (morning clubs and After School Programs)
  • Classes for children and teenagers of different ages
  • Power –classes for adults (optional)

Our programs designed the child’s age and sensitive periods of development in mind. The diverse drills and supportive environment are the keys to a motivating class. Gymi’s goal is to build inner motivation as well as teach mental, physical and social skills. Learning new skills and tricks is so much fun!

Group size at Gymi is small enough to ensure learning and a positive experience in class. Classes are always instructed by a professional and according to the carefully designed curriculum.

Children with special needs are integrated into the groups if possible. Also special groups are available.

Gymi® Classes for 0-16-year-olds

Gymi classes are gymnastics based versatile classes, functional training for children and teenagers where natural movement is learned in a fun way and the base for fitness and wellness is built. While building one’s physical capability, also the nerveous system develops which is crucial for all learning in later years; also the acquisition of cognitive skills is based on the nervous system’s development in the early years.

Gymi Classes Include

  • Gymnastics
  • Parkour
  • Circus
  • Acrobatics
  • Yoga
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance

Gymi® Clubs for 0-12-year-olds

Gymi AfterSchool

  • After School Program for 6-12-year-olds. Including the excercise as well as other recreation.

Gymi Club

  • Morning club for 0-5-year-olds with parent.  It’s all about enjoying the time together and learning new skills every day!
  • Morning club for 3-6-year-old. Learning skills – movement as well as cognitive skills – in a safe and inspiring environment. Getting ready for real life and school!

Training for Your Sports?

At Gymi you can train for your number one sports. By doing gymnastics drills, parkour and other functional training, you develop your body control, flexibility, balance and co-ordination to make you a better athlete.